Eyelash Growing Product Worked For Me

I often griped about having skimpy, barely visible eyelashes. This was magnified by the fact that two of my sisters had naturally long and lush eyelashes. I tried fake eyelashes but never really got used to putting them on every time I went out. One day, I met a friend in grade school who had the same problem as mine when we were younger. This time though she had eyelashes that really stunned me and she told me she’s using Idol Lash eyelash growing product. I have seen them in the internet but haven’t met somebody who actually uses them and though I was skeptical at first, I thought maybe, it would be worth a try.

Eyelash Growing Product


I scoured the internet for the brand my friend used, all the while thinking that if it worked for her, why not on me? I finally got hold of the product and can barely wait until nightfall so that I can start on the regimen. These eyelash growth products are easy to use, just like putting on mascara, so I didn’t have much problem with that. I religiously applied it every night before going to bed but my skepticism remained. Finally after a few weeks, I began see a few lashes that are longer than the others and I began to seriously hope that the others would soon follow.

idol lashThat was six months ago and now, I can say that my eyelashes are definitely thicker and longer than it used to. Using a bit of mascara on it though is enough to make them pop. I know that genetics play a big role in growing them so there’s just so much I can do to coax them to grow longer and thicker. I am really impressed with it because I’ve used home remedies like petroleum jelly to no avail and this is the first product I used that got me some good results.

I am sharing my experience with Idol Lash eyelash growing product because I know a lot of women have this beauty problem. It really worked on me and I’m still using it because eyelashes have a growth cycle and usually fall out after a certain amount of time. If you have skimpy eyelashes and you’ve tried a lot of remedies, this is one product you should try before you give up on it. I wasn’t really expecting it to work but it did and now, I’m happy that I found something that really made a difference in how I look.

Getting Great Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions

Having unusually short and thin eyelashes was the bane of my childhood and teenage years. Friends teased me so much about it that having to wear eyeglasses was something I was thankful for because it hid my eyelashes from being closely scrutinized. I experimented putting on fake eyelashes and applied mascara to at least look average but I stopped using fake eyelashes because I was pulling off some of my natural lashes when I remove the fake ones. Because of the insecurity I felt, my social life suffered and I realized I have to do something about it.

I looked up possible remedies for eyelash enhancement in the internet and came across eyelash extensions. I have tried a lot of remedies, mostly advised by my mother and some of my friends. I’ve cut my eyelashes and applied olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and petroleum jelly… You name it! Eyelash extensions, though temporary, seemed a good solution, so I went to a salon and booked an appointment. I scheduled the procedure on a weekend, not really raising my hopes up because I’ve been frustrated with other remedies lots of times before.

Finally, the day came and I headed to the salon. The procedure was just like applying fake eyelashes but the eyelash extensions have to be applied one by one so it took a longer time to complete. I noticed that the stylist alternated between the right and left eye. She told me that it was to make sure both eyes get the same number of extensions. With nothing else to do, I observed how she applied the glue on the individual lash extensions, which she cut to ensure that it’s not too long. She explained that if it’s too long, it might fall off quickly. Finally, it was done and I was amazed by the transformation. I now had sooty, thicker eyelashes and I was so excited about it that I thought I really looked pretty.

I composed myself to thank the stylist and she told me that I should avoid getting my new eyelashes wet for the next 24 hours because the glue needs time to set. She also advised me to avoid getting too near any device that emits heat or steam because it will unglue the extensions. All these instructions, I followed to the letter and my friends were stunned to see me sporting great eyelashes.

I had to have extensions applied every two months, so I looked for a means to do it myself because I can save money if I just buy a kit. Now, I can do it well and don’t have to visit a stylist to do it for me though I was grateful to the first one for giving me a few tips on it. So, if you have sparse eyelashes, try eyelash extensions. It really worked for me so I ditched my glasses and got contact lenses instead.

Thinning Hair in Women

Thinning hair haunts thousands of women each and everyday. Fortunately, we live in a time when medical breakthroughs are continually being made, and remedies to help regrow hair is finally becoming a reality. There are a number of things that cause thinning hair for women, and gaining an understanding of them is important before looking into possible remedies.

When it comes down to the war on thinning hair women tend to suffer greatly. Losing your hair isn’t easy regardless of your gender, but women are expected to be able to maintain a thick and full head of hair in today’s society. Women are more likely to find that their thinning hair has social consequences and can be devastating to experience.

Some women have early warning if they can look back at the family members in their history. Women, in particular, often share the genes with each other that promote hair loss. Thus, if grandmothers and mothers and even great grandmothers have had hair loss problems, chances are their daughters and granddaughters and even great granddaughters will as well.

It has seemed that many women who are dealing with their thinning hair, tend to wait a long time before they do something about it. It can be a subtle change that is not easily detected. The key is to be proactive when the thinning hair begins. You’ll want to take some steps to stop this loss and then work on the regrowth of your hair.

Cyproterone Acetate with Ethinyloestrodiol is a contraceptive that blocks the male hormones present in women. It stops you losing hair and triggers hair to grow. To maintain the hair growth though treatment has to be continued.

How do you know if you are just another woman losing a little bit of her thickness and body or if you are a woman on the path toward balding patterns? In most cases, genes play a huge role and if your own mother or grandmother lost a significant amount of her hair then chances are so will you.

In some cases, it may be difficult to avoid. Sometimes it can be down to family genes. If there is a history of hair loss among the women of the family, then that is a big factor of the chances of it happening to an individual.

With some of these causes mentioned in this article, it is possible to make adjustments in lifestyle which in turn will allow the hair to re grow normally once more. But in other cases, help in some form may be needed.

Horsetail silica is the best herb for women and has been used since the Roman times to cure hair loss and many other conditions, being full of vital nutrients to encourage new healthy growth.

Vitamin B is also vital in the correct levels to maintain healthy hair and fight the causes of thinning hair in woman. This vitamin assists your hair to maintain its self within the scalp and reduce fall out of hairs. Vitamin B can be found in things like milk and egg yolk.

Take a DHT blocker. As the leading cause of female pattern baldness, DHT must be stopped. To do this, you can either try Provillus for Women (check here),  or an herbal supplement containing vitamin B-6, biotin, and magnesium. Blocking DHT is critical in stopping hair loss!

Thinning hair in women can be incredibly stressful emotionally. There are many cosmetic hair thickeners that can incredibly thicken hair. These work by using keratin as one of the main ingredients (keratin is the protein that makes up, the result is like applying mascara on your hair, but the results are undetectable and give you the appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

Is Buttock Augmentation Surgery Right for You?

Not everyone is born with the right genes for a full, round behind. Though you can do glute exercises, this demands a lot of effort on your part. Thankfully, technological innovation has designed different options for buttock augmentation surgery. These procedures, overseen by expert cosmetologists and medical practitioners, are relatively straightforward and efficient in contouring your butt. No longer will you have to work out extra hard at the gym—or worse, stuff layers of awkward pads in your underwear, much like how your grandma got through her unshapely bottom.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of buttock augmentation surgery. Each has its pros and cons for you to consider before seeing your doctor for that much-coveted behind.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

In this approach, fat grafts are used to create a fuller butt. Excess fat from other parts of the patient’s body are obtained through liposuction. These are then incorporated in different levels of the buttocks to create the ideal shape and size. Fat particles need to receive sufficient blood supply from the new area for their nourishment and survival.

The Brazilian butt lift surgery promises a natural, aesthetic result that other buttock augmentation surgeries usually fall short of. The fat grafts aren’t rejected by the body because these were obtained from the patient herself. The patients can customize the contour of their butt—choosing how much and where to add the fat grafts for their desired enhancement. Perhaps the only problem with this procedure is the unpredictability of how long and how much of the added fat grafts can actually last. Usually, the amount of fat added is more than what’s needed to compensate for whatever may be lost due to resorption.

Buttock Implants

This more popular method uses gluteal implants made of a sturdy elastomer that cannot leak. The treated butt turns out natural because the implants are firm yet flexible. These are placed on the upper two-third portion of the buttocks, so you don’t actually sit on the implants.

With this approach, the extent of butt enlargement is greater than that given by butt lift surgeries. The patient can choose from a wide array of implant sizes and shapes. As the implants do not change volume and shape, asymmetry is rare. The disadvantages of this approach run from infection, fluid accumulation, and possible nerve injuries. If you are looking for non surgery treatment check here: http://howtogetabiggerbuttnaturally.net/.

Like any other surgery, buttock augmentation is a procedure that needs to be to be carefully thought about before making a decision but if you have made the decision to undergo the surgery, getting the butt you’ve always wanted is just around the corner.

If you think surgery might not be the choice for you, consider our recommendations for bigger butt workouts or discreet booty enhancing underwear.

Revitol Cellulite Cream


Revitol cellulite cream is one product in a line of Revitol creams that will help you retain your natural beauty. In addition to cellulite, if you have a skin condition like acne, wrinkles, or unwanted hair, Revitol cream can give you back the appearance you always wanted.

So, what is cellulite?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, then you already know, but a little information about it can only help you understand why Revitol cellulite cream is a good product to look into. Cellulite is a dimpled skin condition caused by clusters of fat cells beneath the skin. It mostly occurs in women, but it can occur in both sexes, and usually shows up sometime after puberty. Some people are more predisposed to developing cellulite than others, while lifestyle choices and diet can also influence the prevalence of cellulite.

Cellulite usually affects the upper arms, thighs, stomach, and buttocks, but can show up in other areas as well. Fortunately, it is not a harmful condition, but aesthetically, it is less attractive and can be a turn-off for the opposite sex. In order to prevent or eliminate cellulite, people have tried all sorts of dangerous and expensive surgeries. You don’t have to resort to anything like that. Revitol cellulite cream is a natural, safe, topical product that you can apply directly to the problem areas on your skin.

Revitol cellulite cream can eliminate cellulite safely

It is absorbed into the fat cells beneath the skin and dissolves them, which helps to smooth out the skin and make it healthier. As a positive side effect, the breakdown of fat cells is a boost to your metabolism. It is made of 100% natural ingredients: algae extract, bladderwack (a type of seaweed), caffeine, and Retinol A. Retinol A is a special component of the Revitol cellulite cream that derives from Vitamin A. It actually helps to rebuild and strengthen your skin. What better way to improve the look of the skin than to actually target the connective tissue and strengthen it?

Revitol works on many levels to fully treat cellulite

It not only tightens up the skin, but it also removes the toxins in those pesky fat cells. Revitol cellulite cream is unique in the way it takes a holistic approach to treating cellulite, and the results show it works. Compare this to dangerous surgeries or oral products, which focus on the destruction of fat cells underneath the cellulite, but not necessarily on the firming up and strengthening of the skin. Some oral products might not even reach the right spots effectively, but Revitol cellulite cream is applied only to the areas where you really need it.

The bottom line is, if you’ve been having trouble with cellulite, Revitol cellulite cream is a cost effective way to eliminate this skin condition. Not only will it improve the look of your skin currently, but it is also able to help prevent future cellulite from forming. You owe it to yourself to check out Revitol cellulite cream.

Mole Removal on Face


Moles are skin ailments that can generally be found on a good number of areas on the human body. Even with this point considered, the moles that are found on the face are usually the most disturbing ones and can be quite damaging to ones self confidence. Luckily the remedies that have been advanced to deal with facial moles have more or less been perfected over time and can now be used with a high rate of success.

Facial Mole Removal

Facial mole removal is very different from mole removal on other areas of the body in the fact that the removal process needs to be approached very carefully to avoid scarring or any kinds of blemishes. This makes traditional processes such as mole removal surgery sometimes not as optimal as they are on other areas of the body. Luckily there are some other types of cosmetic mole removal that leaves no marks. Before considering removing moles on your face using an invasive method we recommend that you look into other alternatives.

The concept of using creams and gels can be very useful and in most cases the application of mole removal creams and gels when dealing with facial moles has been seen as the easiest and cost effective measure to take. It avoids the cost and risks of more traditional approaches. You also need to consider that surgery may not be an option for some people because of health issues, allergies and so on.

The problem with creams and gels is that it is hard to be sure which is the right one for your problems. You could try them one after one but all that would cause is a lot of frustration and would be a huge waste of time. In addition you would end up losing money could even have an allergic reaction to some products. In other words what the use of creams and gels does is that it requires you to be very careful on what product you use, but even so, if you are able to pick the best product for your skin you will find a very easy way to deal with moles on your face. The recommendation by leading experts is still on the use of creams and gels as a first line of therapy when facial moles are concerned.

Another method that you still can have a look in your facials mole removal is the use of the natural herbal remedies that exist today. What makes the herbal remedies very popular is the fact that they seem to be very natural, even if sometimes this might not be the case. Also just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it is effective. Herbal solutions will only work at all if they are at par with the standards set in this field, and you should take time to find the most appropriate herbal mole removal solutions that are completely natural but also very effective in what it does.